Had a long weekend in Belgium and visited Leuven, Ghent and Oostende. Belgium is always a good time; nice and quiet, peaceful and the cities are much more roomy than in the Netherlands.


First I visited Leuven to visit a friend. Leuven is a student-city, relatively small but with a lot of nightlife and some old buildings, which makes for a pleasant nice looking little city.


Ghent is much bigger and much more preserved in it's old being than I imagined. The city center is big, so tourists are spread around and it feels much more like a "living" city, compared to Brugge for example.
I found Ghent to be a wonderful city, you really feel that you're walking around a medieval city, with it's own small castle on the water.


After Ghent we decided to go to Oostende to get our feet in the sea this summer, since we only have a european capital city-trip planned.
One good thing about visiting Oostende is Taverne Koekoek / Cuckoo Tavern.
If you're going to be eating something in Oostende; it should be at Koekoek. They do 1 thing and they do it really really well!
You can order half a chicken for about 6.5 euro and it's absolutely delicious. An accompanying beer is cheap too!