As of this writing I'm playing through Pillars of Eternity and am loving the game. Coming from someone who's been interested in isometric rpg's of old like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale etc, but who's never been able to really get into those. Pillars of Eternity changed this for the better.

It came as a surprise that I immediately felt right at home with Pillars of Eternity and the story gripped me. Now 60 hours later, I feel like I've just gotten to Act 3 (the final act) and there's a bunch more to go. Although my initial impression of this act is that it's not as fleshed out as act 1 and 2.

But man, I can't recommend this game enough, even if you (like me) didn't like or couldn't get into the classic isometric rpg's. Pillars of Eternity really does live up to the reviews it got when it got released.

What also is a fantastic part is that you can hire adventurers who you can "build" yourself. If you want another Fighter, Barbarian or Cipher you can just get one. Combining this with the fact that there's a keep you can get and manage, this is a very cool addition to the game which lets you think and plan ahead on something unrelated to the main storyline.

I wonder how many more hours I've got to go until the end, according to, I've already taken a lot longer than most players to complete the game. I suppose that's a side-effect of liking the storylines and wanting to do the side quests as well. :D

Did you enjoy Pillars of Eternity, or have another similar game I should check out? Let me know!