I have been running for the last couple of months to do some cardio next to some strength training to build up some muscle.

I've been running with my wife and have been regularly doing 5km in around ~32min, making it a nice simple run where we can discuss whatever's been going on in our life. It's a pleasant experience.

Recently found out that I can run 10km with ease, only afterwards did I notice that my knees hurt for some days after the fact. So I probably need to fix my posture to account for this.

However recently I participated in a Strong Viking Run. It's a challenging kind of run with obstacles which is fun to run with friends. I ran it with my wife and 2 colleagues. It was exceptionally muddy, tough and fun.

One thing I didn't like (and that's purely my own fault) is that for example the monkey bars, I couldn't do. I just don't have enough strength in my arms to hold myself and swing. But losing more weight and more strength training should take care of that.

Here are some photo's of that day: