Transport Fever is a game currently under development by Urban Games. They're a couple of guys from Switzerland who made Train Fever. It's one of my most anticipated games in many, many years! It's been displayed in it's Alpha state at GamesCom in Cologne and gotten positive reviews, making me ever-more hopeful.

Train Fever

Train Fever is a game all about running a train and/or truck transport company. Much in the same vain as Transport Tycoon back in the day. Dear god how I love(d) that game.

I really enjoyed playing Train Fever and think that the dynamic system of placing tracks at many levels and curvatures was absolutely brilliant. When playing it I always hoped they kept working on it and strived to make their game better and elaborate on it with more trucks, industry, boats and flights...


Transport Fever

This game is the (in my opinion) natural follow-up to Train Fever where they add Boats and Train-transport as well as adding more Trains and road-based transport.

I can't begin to tell just how hyped I am for this game. It's currently being developed and I've been following the development attentively, though unfortunately didn't get into their beta test. It's a project I'd love to help to improve.

If you're curious about it, you can check out their development blogs and videos on their website: Transport Fever